About Us


Assessment and Development Services (ADS) is an industrial psychology practice established in 1999 in Westville, Durban, South Africa by Jon Taylor.

We consult to organisations, assisting them to identify employees who will add maximum value to their business operations. We specialize in the assessment and development of human potential.

We look holistically at each assessment situation, and try to find the best fit between the person’s capabilities on one hand, and the demands of work or development requirements.

Areas that may be assessed, depending on the situation, include Learning Potential, Personality and Behaviour, Emotional Intelligence, Interests, Values, Skills & Competencies (verbal, mechanical, numerical, conflict handling, business acumen, etc.). Where possible, feedback is given to clients in a developmental context.

Development interventions may be in terms of career development or mentoring in management thinking.

The experienced psychologists on the ADS team are guided by the ethical guidelines of our profession and our client’s needs.

Clients are from a range of sectors (manufacturing, motor, retail, agriculture, banking, shipping, mining, construction & education).

Jon Taylor Co-Directs ADS and has a track record of research into psychological testing effectiveness post graduate lecturing in assessment techniques, running the NIPR and HSRC research office in KZN, training users of psychological tests and running ADS as an assessment consultancy business since 1999. He has a particular interest in cross cultural fairness in psychometric testing, since these instruments can be abused to obstruct the appointment of people who have the potential to succeed but may simply lack certain skills or knowledge.

Whilst at the HSRC Jon undertook an overseas study to investigate strategies for the fairer use of psychological tests. Recommendations were made to the HSRC on the findings. He has published in the area of assessment fairness and job evaluation. Jon is a registered Industrial and Counselling Psychologist.

He was later joined in the practice by Co-Director, Elize Taylor, also an Industrial Psychologist with 20 years practical experience in Human Resource Management in industry.  Elize is an accredited Career Path Appreciation (CPA) Practitioner with specific interest in personal development, coaching and psychometric assessment.

Susan Ellison joined ADS in 2007 as an Industrial Psychology intern, and has become a valuable member of the ADS team since qualifying as an Industrial Psychologist. She has experience in assessments, talent management, organization development and EAP counselling.

An ADS associate based in Pretoria. Anné Venter is a registered Organisation & Industrial Psychologist as well as a registered COMENSA coach. She specialises in assessments, coaching, leadership development as well as organisational development work. Anné holds a BCom Honours degree from the University of North West and a Masters degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of KwaZulu Natal. She worked as an Industrial Psychologist within the corporate world before entering the consulting world and has done leadership development projects in the mining, financial services, engineering, production, retail and health sectors.

A psychometrist in private practice, in Cape Town, Lynn Crossland holds a HEd, BCom (Honours in Industrial Psychology) and an MA in Counselling Psychology. Her experience in teaching, career centre management and psychometric assessment, together with a passion for working with people who live with learning and physical challenges, has equipped Lynn to provide a career development assessment and career information service for learners, students and adults.

hmHugo has an MA and is a registered Industrial Psychologist. He has captured over 30 years of practical experience and study in his book “The Head and Heart of Leadership”. His main contribution lies in his pioneering work in Joint Problem Solving technology, Team Building, Work relationships and Strategic Analysis for organisational change. He continues to explore and research better ways of bringing about changes and improvements in attitudes and performance in the life of organizations. In recognizing that behaviour in organizations is a product of many different factors, he emphasises the need for a holistic and systems approach to change and improvement through engaging appropriate individuals, groups and whole organisations. Although conversant with the management perspective of organizational life, he also has the advantage of having worked with operators and those doing the job on the shop floor, converting ideas and theory into practice.

Dean NapierDean Napier has a Bachelor of Social Science degree majoring in Industrial Psychology and his background is in project management. He fills a business development role within the team and has a keen interested in organisational development and gamification.

Vesna 2Vesna Dryden is the ADS Office Manager who deals with administrative, financial and customer liaison needs. She also deals with assessment bookings and test material queries and a bureau testing service.

ADS has worked extensively with clients in KwaZulu-Natal and Johannesburg, as well as Mozambique, Swaziland, Namibia and Nigeria.

In terms of relevant BBBEE legislation ADS is an Exempted Micro Enterprise.