Company Values

ADS is committed to providing a professional service to clients in the assessment and development of human potential, aligned with the standards and ethics of psychological practice as well as relevant legislation.

  • Use of Valid, Reliable and Culture Fair Assessment Tools

ADS uses psychometric tests that have been shown to be valid and reliable in the South African context and that have been approved by the Psychometric Committee of the Professional Board for Psychology (see HPCSA website).

  • Equity

ADS is committed to fairness for all in the spirit of the Employment Equity and Skills Development Acts

  • Organisational Efficiency

ADS assists organisations in identifying and developing efficient and effective employees, from skilled worker to top management level.

  • Professionalism & Integrity

ADS promotes the best interests of clients within the framework of our professional psychological ethics.

  • Customer Focused and Flexible Service

ADS offers accessible, reliable and cost effective services.

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