Assessment for selection, promotion, training and development for executive management through to learnerships/bursaries/apprenticeships

ADS uses psychometric tests and other assessment techniques across the entire spectrum of job levels in organizations. The approach is holistic, focusing on aspects such as cognitive ability, personality, emotional intelligence and specific competencies that are relevant to the situation (see Assessment Tests/Techniques). We generally provide individualized reports based on the assessment results and on the outcome of an in-depth interview with the candidate. Recommendations are aimed at identifying strengths and areas for development, in the context of the job or training requirements. During the interview, feedback on results is usually provided to the candidate for personal development purposes.

In view of the constant increase in complexity in the workplace, ADS endorses Arie de Geus’ comment that “… the only competitive advantage the company of the future will have is its managers’ ability to learn faster than their competitors” ( Harvard Business Review (March/April 1988).  Our cognitive assessments would therefore always include the assessment of learning potential.

Assessments can be done on an individual or group basis, e.g. selection for who attends training programmes, university admissions and work entry level positions.

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