Job Characteristics Survey

With-out a clear understanding of the dimensions which are important for success in a given job, one cannot make informed decisions with regards to HR functions such as selection, performance management, training and development.


The Job Characteristics Survey (JCS) is unique in that it is a quantitative form of job analysis. The instrument helps the user identify the personality traits, intellectual competencies and values which are key for successful performance in a given job. The empirical data that is used can be collected either with pencil and paper or in a computerized form.


Once the data has been gathered a number of sophisticated statistical techniques are used to generate a report, which can assist in the creation of competency profiles, personality profiles, training and development initiatives and in framing interview questions for selection. The JCS can also be applied at multiple levels of the organization thereby identifying behavioural and value shifts which need to take place as an individual makes turns up the leadership pipeline.

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