Joint Problem Solving (JPS)

“ADS  offers coaching interventions to managers and organisations to develop their leadership skills and organisational performance using Joint Problem Solving. JPS is a well researched leadership model developed over a period of thirty years of testing and application, dealing with real-life situations in a wide range of different organizations in South Africa. It incorporates approaches to management and leadership used in different parts of the world and has integrated them into a South African product that works. It brings the proven value of finding the best answers with others so as to get maximum buy-in and active commitment to action, thereby taking the organization and its people forward towards better performance.

JPS is captured in the book by Hugo Misselhorn, The Head and Heart of Leadership (Reach Publishers, 2012, also available on

Peter Staude, CEO of Tongaat-Hulett, says:

I have had the privilege to benefit from Hugo’s wisdom and insights into leadership and its integration with management for some 3 decades. As a result, the approach of establishing the uniqueness of each situation and involving others in joint problem solving has become part of my own style. Hugo has the extraordinary ability to take the best from many theories and bring them together in an integrated manner. The practical tools he provides enables one to practise the theory.

JPS leadership has been taught for many years on a registered MBA programme in South Africa, and applied in all sizes and all kinds of organizations – para-statals, profit driven manufacturing and business organizations, large corporates, industrial enterprises and NGOs. It is accredited with the HPCSA for Continuing Professional Development.

JPS has been successfully implemented, using an experiential learning approach, in bringing about change and improvements in a wide range of situations. These have included specific cases of:

  • improvements in team work and cooperation;
  • better matching of people to the job thereby reducing time to learn and contribute in a new job;
  • reduced incidents of conflict between individuals;
  • smoother management of organizational changes ranging from mergers to restructuring of organizations;
  • resolving individual performance problems arising from personality, motivation, communication and competence issues;
  • adapting to strategic changes arising from different business and market orientation;
  • improved delegation of responsibilities;
  • improved managerial leadership of individuals, teams and whole organizations in particular situations where improvement in ‘getting work done with and through others’ has been a problem.
  • better technical and production trouble-shooting.

For more information about JPS please visit our website or we would be happy to talk you through what JPS offers to leadership and organisational development processes.”

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